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Best marketing subreddits for entrepreneurs and marketers

Updated on January 31, 2022

Reddit is a large network of people that discuss everything. There are particular places where they talk, called subreddits. A subreddit is like a page, a group, a community where its members can post and comment on specific topics. Remember, this list doesn't cover places where you may do self-promotion. Reddit has strict rules around this behavior. And almost every subreddit forbids it. Use this list to find your target community to engage with the members, to learn something new, to share your insights, to ask relevant questions, to get feedback.

If you're targeting promotion techniques, you may take a look at how to do marketing on Reddit guide.

Here are the top subreddits by some combined criteria like a number of subscribers, activity and growth rate. Note that subscribers amount doesn't mean a better quality.

Top marketing subreddits

1. /r/marketing

Over 392k members, it's the largest marketing community out there dedicated specifically to the topic. There are also advertising professionals, not only marketers, plus many more.

best marketing subreddits

The people there discuss a lot of relevant topics such as defining a marketing strategy, how to plan your or your client's social media, how to do ad campaigns right. This is a number one subreddit for entrepreneurs too, that face issues regarding their marketing goals and execution.

Here's a list of the top posts there:

As you see, the top posts are useful insights most of the time. There are jokes and memes, but usually, the members want to read some interesting insights, a strategy that helps them reach their marketing goals. One of the top posts is about SEO, which is also a hot topic there(though I'll cover the topic farther in the article). The community likes to talk how to grow social media profiles, website traffic, how to get users, how to attract clients, and more.

2. /r/ecommerce

Everything about ecommerce on Reddit. They help you sell online. The members talk about how to grow your online store, how to create one, what websites to use, where to get clients, how to price and many other related topics. There is over 187k entrepreneurs. Some of the top posts:

best ecommerce subreddits for marketers

Notice a trend here? You'll see it on other subreddits: people like to see other professionals' insights about the topic covered by a community. /r/ecommerce is an active community, it's recommended to join. However, make sure you read the rules before posting anything. They forbid any kind of self-promotion. This includes any links in your posts.

3. /r/digital_marketing

They cover digital marketing news, and best marketing practices. The same topic as in /r/marketing, but about online things. 151k members, an active community too. Here are some top posts:

The same trend here: people upvote useful information. Though it's more about resources, e.g. the best tools for a digital marketer. The subreddit has the common restrictions too: no links in posts.

4. /r/juststart

The people there talk about affiliate marketing, search engine optimization. What I like there is a descriptive block about their rules named "Welcome to /r/jumpstart". The moderators clarified what kind of posts you can expect from the community, and what sort of posts you may make. Here's the top list of posts:

Share number and your insights and you may make it to the top posts too, if you need it. Otherwise, you now know what information to expect from the community.

5. /r/bigseo

best SEO subreddits for marketers

This one positions itself as a community for SEOs. Remember you saw this topic covered in /r/marketing? This subreddit covers exact SEO topics. The members share their knowledge on how did they grow traffic, or optimized websites, inbound marketing. 85k members. The community rules say you shouldn't post beginners' content, hence, you'll see only the professionals' insights. It's great, right? The beginners' SEO topics are covered everywhere on the Internet, and you can read professionals' expertise on this subreddit. They have a similar rule for low-quality content(the forbid it). Some of the top posts there:

6. /r/Affiliatemarketing

A community of over 98k people that talk about affiliate marketing, SEO(it seems every marketing subreddit care about it), ads, email marketing. The description says users can't post if their karma is less than 250 and comment if a karma is less than 50. It's for spam protection, hence, you're gonna see content of better quality. Some of the top posts:

7. /r/DigitalMarketing

A similar community to /r/digital_marketing. Why not to merge them, right? It's complicated. There are many subreddits out there dedicated to popular(and not) topics, where are multiple communities for every of them. It's about content quality and activity there. This subreddit has 74k members, and it's active.

best digital marketing subreddits

I won't include the top posts from there, they're similar to what you saw on other related subreddits.

I'll add more related subreddits to this list, but without top posts or full description. They're not so popular or active, but it's worth taking a look if you're a marketer and/or an entrepreneur.

8. /r/sweatystartup

A community of entrepreneurs discussing the old-fashioned business and marketing. The content quality is of less quality than from the communities above.

9. /r/AskMarketing

38k marketing people. 4-6 posts a day on average. Less popular and active than the other top communities you already saw.

10. /r/SocialMediaMarketing

best social media marketing subreddits 48k professionals discussing social media marketing industry topics.

11. /r/Emailmarketing

27k members that like to discuss email marketing.

How to browse the subreddits

I included the top posts of almost every subreddit for you to better understand what sort of content to expect from a particular community. I also recommend setting the filter of every subreddit to show the top posts of all time.

If you're looking to contribute and promote something(do it right), this helps you understand what type of content the people love and create better. If you want to discover more subreddits, posts, comments, try to do your research. This article covers the topic.