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Reddit user search or how to find Redditors

Updated at 24 January 2022

Did you notice how difficult is to search for something on Reddit? Take, for example, posts. Yes, you can find some but not necessarily relevant. Sometimes they're 5 years old, but it depends. What about users' search?

Reddit user search

How to find users on the default Reddit search

There are 3 sections in the search: posts, communities, people. As you may guess, we should use the people tab to find Reddit users, right? It should be there, but it doesn't work. Try it yourself, you can input an exact username and the site will tell you there are no results. However, if you put some words like "car", it shows many non-relevant results. Most of them or all of the results don't relate to "car" in any way.

Since the native search doesn't work for us, you may try searching for a specific user in Google. For example, your search query can look like this:


Where you replace

with a real Redditor username. Or, another query to look for possible posts and comments made by a user:

posted by u/<USER>

reddit username search in google

Sometimes this may work better, and you can see their posts or comments, but it's not always the case. Google doesn't capture all of the posts and comments made by specific users.

Using Reddit search to find posts and comments

I understand, you came here to find users but as you see, there are no good ways to search in their posts and comments using Google or Reddit. Hence, we can try another approach. Let's find relevant posts and then see what users comment on the thread. Or, see who created the post.

We can look up on Google and Reddit again, however, we get outdated results. Plus, it's almost impossible to find relevant comments(not on Reddit): we can assemble such search query on Google by indicating
and some other exact keywords that are used in the comments only. For example, "reply", which is a button that appear in every comment. But Google doesn't index all the comments, only the popular ones, or(and), if the post itself is popular.

reddit user comment search

Using Olwi for user search

It gives you recent posts first. Plus, it searches in comments too. And also, the recent ones will be first. The most diffucult part is eliminated. Now it's time to think about finding the right keywords to use in the search. For example, if we want to find recruiters, then you can search for posts or comments that mention something from this industry: "hiring", "candidates" and so on. Then, we could see the most relevant and recent posts and see the people who engaged there.

Finding the right subreddits

Either on Reddit or Olwi, we might also find those communities that reflects the topic you search for the most. In the recent example with recruiters, they are on /r/recruiting, so you may scroll their feed and see all the people who commented or published recently.

To find the relevant subreddits, you can go to Reddit, it can show relevant ones. If you look for recruiters, then type any relevant keyword in the search and go to the "Communities" tab to see the list of subreddits.

If you don't know what keywords to pick, go to Google and type something relevant plus "". It shows posts with those words better than Reddit does.

Still not effective

The mentioned approaches aren't effective in all cases you may have. Searching by a context, or by a specific community may not be an ideal option for you. I work on implementing a simple and working version on Olwi to search users in comments, posts.