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Using Reddit for marketing. Is it good?

Updated at 25 December 2021

Many ideas here I took from my previous article. Is Reddit for marketing at all? If you use the platform, you may exclaim that marketers should leave it. There's a lot of spam and noise these days. However, marketing isn't about spamming links.

reddit for marketing

Is Reddit a good place for marketing?

Yes. Too much noise and spam everywhere, but this platform is different. They take moderation thoughtfully. It's the first reason why people love the website - they see what they want to see.

The second reason is the size of the platform: it's huge. It takes the 21st place in the global websites rank based on visitors(and 12th place in the US). 1.6B views every month according to Similarweb. A person reviews 6.5 pages per visit. What kind of engagement is it?

reddit for marketing

Reddit has old forums like engagement: people talk, share thoughts, memes, videos, everything else. They're also willing to share honest feedback because of anonymity. Other large platforms offer other things and perks(though, oftentimes, they aren't).

Reddit self-promotion policy and marketing

Their rules tell you to not have an account with your website promotions only. It's okay to mention it somewhere when it's necessary and fits the context.

Because Reddit is a community, not a platform for self-promotion.

Remember that it's a community. Engage with people, discuss something, help them. Don't blindly submit your links. It differs from Facebook, for example. There you may see a lot of people only submit links and offer their services. You can do that on Reddit too, but in highly-specific communities where it's not forbidden by rules. In general, you can't do that in the way people do so on Facebook.

Reddit content marketing

You may start using Reddit for content marketing. But it's not about submitting links to your blog articles. It's sharing valuable content in a relevant community.

  1. Relevant community. Find subreddits that talk about what you're interested too. Do you talk about SEO? Your places may be ones like /r/SEO. If you're in doubt whether it's a relevant community, spend more time there. Usually, subreddits' descriptions are clear. Though some aren't and you need to discover what people talk about in analyzing posts and comments.

  2. Content. See what these subreddits' "top" and "new" posts are. See their most-upvoted content. Are those blog articles, advice, case study, or something else? In the /r/SEO subreddit, the top post of all the time is an offer to help understand people about backlinking. The author is a professional and wants to help others to understand the field better. The 2nd best post is a case study on how the other author scaled its client's website traffic. The other best posts are helpful too. I can see the one absolute trend. It's helping people.

  3. Generate ideas on what content you may share there to help people. Maybe you took a course and collected important key points that may assist professionals in this community. Maybe you helped your client to increase sales, or, optimized their website. Share the case study and tell how exactly did you do this. If people find your content valuable(don't share it otherwise), they're gonna upvote it, tell their friends, engage with you in a discussion.

The plan, in short, is: find suitable subreddits for your topic, see their top content, share your valuable insights inspired by those top posts(not necessarily based on them. Make your content better).

You'll get not only traffic but also backlinks. There are many Reddit aggregators and mirrors that share posts and comments with some number of upvotes.

It's okay to put some links in your post, but only if they're relevant and add more value. If you submit only a link to your blog article, people will ask you why couldn't you share the content on Reddit. If you add(and repurpose) your whole article to a post and mention your previous article with a link, it's okay, because it adds context. It's also okay to put links in a post the purpose of which is sharing tools that should help a community. For example, a list of 20 tools you've used to create a design for your house. Maybe you put a link to your tool, which is also relevant, and not just trying to deceive people.

In general, see how other people put links in their posts in a specific subreddit.

Comments are important too

Share posts but don't forget to engage in discussions. Why? Your profile is public and when people see it, they ask why this person only submits posts? Is she trying to promote her blog or product? The same questions can ask the moderators of the subreddit you submitted a post recently. Be a member of a community.

By commenting and giving your value to people, you build your credibility. People upvote such comments, at least. They also may visit the links you've left there. Again, they should be relevant. If some person asks how can he code a simple website and you answer with just a link, it looks like spam. If it's relevant, maybe it won't be removed(doubtful though). If it's not, you may get banned.

Upvoted comments(or upvoted posts with comments) can get you backlinks too. There are also comments aggregators.

Other methods

Using Reddit for marketing isn't about creating posts and commenting on similar ones only. Though this method is about commenting, more targeted. Usually, you follow some subreddits and sometimes go to some of them to check the "new" posts to see if you can engage. What if there are posts you can engage within other subreddits? You may not know they exist. Or, you may miss them. How to find such subreddits or posts? You could go search them on Reddit directly. Yet their search is bad. It won't always show you recently created posts and comments. It's difficult to search by particular keywords. There are some alternatives.

  • Google search. Put your query and "" to find relevant posts. Though it doesn't work for comments and it doesn't show you fresh posts.
  • Olwi. You can search for posts and comments using various keywords. There's also a simpler search where you only indicate your marketing goal and this Reddit tool finds all of the relevant posts and comments.

using reddit for marketing

So, is Reddit for marketing? A quick summary

The platform is a great place to find people who may be interested in your content or services. Help a community and you'll find potential customers or blog readers.

Beware of the website's self-promotion policy: don't just submit links and posts. Make valuable content, share it in relevant subreddits. Engage with others in discussions.

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