Hi! I'm Sergiy, 25ys old guy from Ukraine, and I'm the only person behind this product. It started in summer 2021 when I was searching for new ideas for my next projects. I'm a software engineer and I like to build apps from time to time. The problem was to find this next idea.

I was using Reddit for a while and thought it was a good source of ideas because people discuss everything there. Then I noticed their discussions led me to problems they have. Thus, I could collect more information, read more threads and eventually come up with some problems worth solving for a specific audience. I wanted to automate this process.

Thus I created this tool to collect problems worth solving on Reddit but after a few months, it pivoted to a research tool. I discovered that Reddit has a lot more to provide than just pains people or businesses have. There's a huge amount of data where everyone can find useful bits.

More about me:

You may read more about me at my blog, or, this article where I mentioned how it started. Here's my Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, IndieHackers.

Olwi founder, Sergiy


Olwi aims to help people who research Reddit. It's difficult to find relevant information there using the default search and even Google. The tool is for eliminating the difficulty in a process of any kind of research: competitors analysis, searching for potential customers or searching for memes and particular communities for cats.

How it works

From a technical perspective, Olwi uses a wrapper for Reddit API to fetch the latest posts and comments. The same for periodic monitoring when a user chooses to track keywords: the tool polls the wrapper API every few minutes to see if there are new mentions.

There are 3 primary app components: UI app, server, and database. Next.js is responsible for all the UI: it handles the app and blog.

The server is on Node.js and it's responsible for asynchronous jobs like tracking mentions and as a layer between app and data to provide a convenient REST API.

MongoDB serves as a database to store users, mentioned posts & comments, async jobs, queues.

There's Firebase that handles sending browser notifications if there are new mentions and a user opted-in for this option.

The product uses a local Ukrainian payment processor due to the unavailability of other widely-used options such as Stripe and PayPal.