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Getting more customers is difficult, especially for a new business. Leverage Reddit to get more exposure and promote your business, get customers feedback, attract new clients.

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Find potential customers

What does your product/service help people to achieve?

What words do you think your target customers use when they mention such products/services?


create a website, design website
optimize sales
find more leads
website monitoring
build a Shopify website
grow LinkedIn

Choose communities

What topics does your target audience discuss? Where do they hang out?



Get customers feedback faster

Leverage Olwi to find people who may find your product, services, expertise useful. Engage in the right discussions and promote your business.

Monitor mentions to not miss important information

Olwi monitors Reddit for mentiones you've indicated, thus you won't miss anything important that people talk about. It helps you to find mentions of your competitors, your brand health, and the right discussions you want to engage with.

Why Reddit for business and marketing?

The website is so large, we can't miss its opportunities. Many businesses skip it due to its rules for spam. But we're not gonna spam there. Marketing is about helping people to find the right expertise, product, services for them.

get more customers