How to get clients for web development

Who don't need a website nowadays? Of course, people need your services. Getting first clients is hard. But we got this Reddit tool! Let's narrow our search to Reddit. There are also many people who need web development.

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Find potential customers

What does your product/service help people to achieve?

What words do you think your target customers use when they mention such products/services?


create a website, design website
optimize sales
find more leads
website monitoring
build a Shopify website
grow LinkedIn

Choose communities

What topics does your target audience discuss? Where do they hang out?



Save time searching for clients

Many platforms limit your potential of exposure you get. Many social media are hard to grow. Olwi simplifies the search. You don't need to know a lot about Reddit. It just searches for people who need web development.

Find mentions of people who need web development

This Reddit tool notifies you when someone mentions they need your expertise. Not directly, but something like 'I have issues with building this website'. Or, when people mention directly they need web development professionals. It depends. But you don't need to manually check Reddit for that.

Why do it on Reddit?

It's so huge. You miss a potential and exposure. Over 1.6B views each month. Over 130,000 active communities. People love Reddit because of engagement they get, active discussions and moderated content. Social medias have a lot of noise these days. Leverage Reddit to market your web development expertise and find web development clients.

How to get clients for web development