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For anything about 420 or cannabis.#### Description See the number 420 anywhere? Are you looking for a new stoner subreddit? Well this is the subreddit for you. Any posts about 420 or just cannabis can be posted here.


  1. All posts must have involve 420 or cannabis in general.

  2. Self advertising or any ads (even related to the subreddit) in general are not allowed. They will be removed. This also includes any personal social media accounts like Facebook Instagram, Discord and etc

  3. Please do not post emails or phone numbers.

  4. Please use the NSFW tag. It's there for a reason.

  5. Please do not make “looking for a dealer” or score/hookup/plug posts, they will be removed. This isn't a subreddit for getting weed.

  6. Please report any rule breaking posts or comments.

More details about the rules can be found here

Message the mods or /u/powerofgamers01 if your post does not show up. It might be the spam filter.

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