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The Official Reddit Acting Class taught by a Hollywood acting coach. A supportive community taught by an insightful and caring teacher. A virtual class for learning about acting technique, auditions, monologues, show reels, marketing, agents, movies, tv shows, theater, music, musical theater, callbacks, directors, acting coaches, acting classes, casting director workshops, headshots, booking jobs, successful actor’s secrets, seminars, Zoom classes, Video Lessons#### Description PLEASE READ ALL THESE LESSONS BEFORE POSTING FOR FEEDBACK!

Welcome to r/acting class! This is an acting class and I am the teacher, Winnie Hiller. I am an acting coach in Hollywood with decades of experience teaching in NYC, LA and all over the world. I hope you will be an active participant, but there are some requirements and very specific guidelines to follow.

Here is the post with links to all the required lessons and instructions. It will give you a good introduction to what this subreddit is all about. Make sure you read this first.


If you want to know more about me, you will find it here:


If you feel you need some additional help, I am available for private lessons, either in person, in Los Angeles or on Skype or FaceTime for a fee. Direct message me for more information.

I’m looking forward to helping you become a more skilled and successful actor. Please do not use this sub for any type of promotion. This class is for learning. Everyone is welcome as long as the guidelines are respected. Welcome to class!

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each other
curtain call
pacific time
make sure
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