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Amsterdam, Mokum, the capital of the Netherlands. We're the subreddit for everything Amsterdam, in Dutch & English. First time here? Read our Wiki and use our sticky threads.#### Description #Amsterdam Amsterdam, Mokum, the capital of the Netherlands. We're the subreddit for everything Amsterdam, in Dutch or in English. If this is your first time here, read our Wiki and use our sticky threads.

#Rules of /r/Amsterdam

##Read the Wiki first

The wiki is written by /r/Amsterdam regulars, with all our secret tips and advice.

##Use the weekly stickies

If you are visiting or moving to Amsterdam, post your question in our weekly sticky thread. This way everyone benefits from the discussion.

##No Canal Photos/videos on Weekdays

Photos/videos where the primary subject is a stereotypical photo of Amsterdam's canals are not permitted on weekdays. Such content will be deleted without warning or explanation. You may only post such content on the weekends. Photos/videos that present a unique perspective or do not feature the canal as the primary subject may be permitted on weekdays.

##Intolerance is not tolerated

Amsterdam has been historically known as a tolerant place. We do not accept intolerance in any form on this subreddit.

##No blatant spam

We permit promotional material only if it is infrequent, directly relevant to a redditor living in Amsterdam rather than someone visiting Amsterdam, and the poster engages with the readership. Everything else is forbidden. Travel influencer posts are always spam. Vlogs are almost always spam. All surveys are spam unless preapproved by the moderators.

##No surveys

/r/Amsterdam is not a place to seek survey respondents for your university or market research.

##No illegal purposes

The subreddit may not be used for illegal purposes or for advocating blatant criminality. This includes buying/selling hard drugs, selling drugs to minors, smuggling drugs, and contributing to the stolen bicycle market.

No conspiracy theories, vaccine misinformation, denying COVID-19 is real, etc

There is overwhelming evidence that COVID-19 is very much real, and that vaccines are very much effective. Spreading lies and misinformation about COVID-19, vaccines, that it's all a hoax, that the Illuminati is behind it all, etc will get you banned. /r/Amsterdam is not the place for this kind of nonsense.

#/r/Amsterdam Facebook group
Open only to people who can prove they've actually spent a few minutes on /r/Amsterdam.

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