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  1. Have a fact in your title
  • A) Your title must be animal specific, and not about an animal's use in culture, media, or business.
  • B) No trivial, obvious, or common facts (eg: This cat has blue eyes, dogs can be trained to sit, this group of animals is called _____)
  • C) Please avoid commentary in the title. (TIL, emojis, etc.)
  1. Include a source for your title in the comments.
  • A) Your source cannot be a personal blog or non scientific news site, and must include citations/references. Wikipedia is not exempt from requiring citations, and typically displays a warning when missing references. Example
  • B) Sources must be verifiable links moderators can check.
  1. We reserve the right to remove posts using profanity or that are otherwise objectionable.
  1. Reposts of the same picture or fact within 1 week are not allowed. After one week, submissions with either the title or picture changed will be allowed. Blatant reposts (same picture, same fact) are not allowed.
  1. No veterinary advice posts, please.
  1. No self promotion. This includes illustrations and comics. High quality reproductions of extinct organisms may be acceptable.
  1. Be nice, and follow reddiquette

Please report all inappropriate images or comments (including harassment and name-calling)

Remind those who have forgotten to put a source in the comments

If you have questions/concerns, message the moderators!

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