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For animated gifs and similar formats, that get better the longer you watch them.#### Description #Seeing some weird comments with lots of empty links? Try turning on custom CSS. #####Check out /r/PixelParty for more info. #####

Did you see a gif that keeps getting funnier and funnier the longer you stare at it? This might be the right place to share it.

We recommend watching these gifs at work or some other place where you can't laugh for the best experience.

#Rules: ###1. Animated .gifs only Flash animations, videos or websites are not allowed. .gifv links are explictely allowed and even preferred if they are silent. ###2. Imgur, gfycat or reddit All gifs must be hosted on imgur.com, gfycat.com or selfhosted on reddit, if you want to post a gif hosted on another site, reupload it. ###3. Direct links please Any links that don't end in .gif or .gifv will be automatically removed. The exception here are gifs on gfycat, which should look like: https://gfycat.com/ThreeRandomWords. Don't worry though, a bot will help you out with getting direct link to your .gif in case you make a little mistake. If you can't get it to work, you can contact the Moderators. ###4. Self posts are meta posts Self posts are for meta discussions only and must have [META] in their title. All other self posts will be deleted without warning. ###5. Don't Repost Use Karma Decay to check if you are reposting. Also, search the subreddit for the title of your submission. If your gif (or a near exact duplicate) has been posted within the past 6 months or is in top posts of the year or all time , don't post it again; there's no need for reposts within the same subreddit. If you see a repost, don't hesitate to report it. Don't get mad at reposter though (unless they're repeat offenders), there's no shame in accidentally reposting something, it happens to the best of us. ###6. No joke titles It's okay to make your title funny, but this sub is about gifs, not texts. This also means no resubmitting the same gif with a different/better title. ###7. No trolls or hateful language This is a subreddit to make people laugh, not to make them feel bad. this is based on mods discretion.

#Read this for more insight into our rules.

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