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Commander doesn’t have to be expensive! You can build fun and competitive decks for $100 and even less. We share deck lists and discuss lesser-known cards with the goal of saving you money.#### Description What is this sub?

The goal of this sub is to provide players with actually budget edh decks that they can use for casual games. Decks here probably won't be anything close to top tier, as they are only $50 or $25. However they likely will be easy to upgrade if you do wish to spend a little extra money.

Why does this sub exist?

It comes down to the fact that I was tired of seeing people posting their "budget" decks on other subs or on other forums only to find out they were actually $100, $200, or even $300+. Those decks might indeed be cheaper than their more competitive counterparts, but they are in no way budget.

My friend and I also decided to make a commander league that had to have decks at or under $25, which got me really interested in brewing budget decks.

Rules for decks

  • Decks Must be under either $50 (Budget) or $25 (Super Budget)
  • Basic lands are free

Thread layout when posting a deck

  • Commander:
  • Price:
  • Goal:
  • Comments
  • Decklist

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  • Follow appropriate posting guidelines when you submit any deck.
  • Flair your deck as either [Budget] or [Super Budget] in the title.
  • Follow the rules of Reddit
  • Make sure all outside links are directly related to budget edh

Do Not

  • Post unrelated or explicit materials
  • Be rude or purposely unhelpful
  • Post low quality threads
  • Post questions like "What deck should I play" or "Sell me on your commander"

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