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A place to discuss Capitalism and capitalist interests on Reddit.#### Description Rules:

  1. Content that would be seen as a bad faith attack on capitalism is not allowed. Content that challenges the underlying theories or critiques are allowed provided the discussion remains civil.

  2. Memes and Macros are not allowed.

  3. No personal attacks.

  4. Keep profanity to a minimum.

  5. No post spam or submit circlejerk content.

  6. Screenshots from sites that include usernames, or any other form of identification, must have ALL names blacked out.

  7. No NSFW Content, any content posted will be grounds for being banned from the subreddit.

  8. Unoriginal Content, Reaction images, and blatant advertising without prior mod approval with be removed at moderator discretion.

-Unoriginal content

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/r/Capitalism is an accepting subreddit dedicated to the refinement and enhancement of the capitalist ideology. We welcome critical thought and we respect the free market of ideas.

-Anyone is welcome here, regardless of age, race, gender, nationality, sexuality, or economic status.

-We welcome those with every political ideology, but that does not mean that the people here will agree with you all the time.

-We welcome difference in opinion, and encourage everyone to be critical of their views and others’ views.

-While we are a capitalism subreddit, we encourage criticism towards everything posted here, regardless of its political bias.

-You can message the mods at any time if you need help, or if a user has broken reddit’s site-wide rules, or the sub-wide rules.

-Please use the appropriate tag when creating a post, such as Discussion, News, Meta, or ELI5. Description of the tags is included in the sidebar.

The most common phrases the members use:

great depression
these companies
minimum wage
global emissions
light bulb

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