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The friendlier part of Reddit.

Have a fun conversation about anything that is on your mind. Ask a question or start a conversation about (almost) anything you desire. Maybe you'll make some friends in the process.#### Description

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###The friendlier part of Reddit Share a story, ask a question, or start a conversation about (almost) anything you desire. Maybe you'll make some friends in the process.

###Resources wiki -|-|- :-:|:-:|:-: Rules|FAQ|Directory| Etiquette|Chats|Support #Featured sub » r/FranceDetendue

  • [more] last neature » r/polls

###Follow Etiquette ^(We have a set of etiquette guidelines that we expect users to adhere to »)

#Remember the human

  • be respectful

#Don't be vitriolic

  • toxic, flaming, trolling, harassment, offensive

#Respect Privacy

  • soliciting pics or personal information

###Encourage Conversation ^(Be sure your thread opens up conversation & maintains a positive atmosphere that encourages users and yourself to participate ») #Create a well rounded post

  • Provide context in the submission text that directly relates to the title. Please no nonsensical ramblings.
  • Open up conversation for users to comment - it helps to ask leading questions.
  • A post can be as mundane or extravagant as you like but it must have enough substance to spark ongoing conversation.

#Engage in your post

  • We're here to talk, we don't want the submitter to make a thread and completely ignore it.
  • The submitter is required to reply to any top-level comment within the first 3 hours.
  • Don't make a thread if you are going to be away and not able to participate in the thread.
  • If you have come back and would like your thread reapproved, shoot us a modmail.

###Prohibited Posts ^(Topics of discussion that don't fit our light-hearted community devoted to discussions of leisure »)

#Require Help from a Professional

  • Mental Health
  • Depression, suicidal thoughts, self-loathing or anything negatively related to mental health.
  • Hardship
  • Trauma, death in the family, trouble at home or anything that negatively impacts your life or causes you to be emotional.
  • Life
  • Advice, statements or discussions on medical, legal or career that can alter your life.

#Promote Similar One-Off Comments

  • Relationship
  • Statements on a crush, ex, significant other, date, or relationship, or asking for dating advice.
  • Celebration
  • Common recurring accomplishments or celebrations.
  • Venting
  • Venting without any avenue for discussion.
  • Obtainable Answer
  • Questions with a specific obtainable answer.

#Touchy Topics

  • Beliefs
  • Discussion on controversial topics (i.e. religion, gender, politics) and loaded questions or statements.
  • Meta-Reddit
  • Stirring drama, calling out specific users or subreddits, issues or help.

###Moderation Policies message the mods #Message the mods for any issues

  • Seriously, we ain't that scary >:) We're happy to help with any issues, concerns or random queries you have. We're here to help you! Message us!
  • Most posts may be reapproved, send us a mail and we can help you to get your thread back up.
  • If you are a returning OP who has abandoned their thread, mail us and we'll approve your post. Be sure to reply to some comments before you reach out, it'll give you a better chance to get it approved quicker.
  • If you think your submission may have been caught in our spam filter, mail us for approval.
  • If you want to appeal a ban, we'll try to come to an agreement.

#Popular Posts

  • When a thread has gained a lot of activity, been highly upvoted and has attracted a lot of outside users, we tend to be a bit more heavy handed on the removal of comments and the banning of users, as often they haven’t read the rules or understand the environment we try to foster here.

#A Grain of Salt

  • We as mods don't usually require verification for post. If the OP would like to reach out and verify their story with us (or edit the post with verification) then they are free to. Other than that, we cannot say if a story is true or false. Take each story posted with a grain of salt.

#Removal & Warning

  • Abusive posts of any kind are subject to an immediate ban.
  • Posts that derail discussion with the deliberate intent of provoking other users will be removed:
  • NOT OK: Personal Attacks
  • NOT OK: Hate Speech: False Facts, Flawed Argumentation, Divisive Language, Dehumanizing Metaphors, and/or Slurs
  • NOT OK: Unsolicited sexual advances

#Follow reddit's official policies

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