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Please do not donate if you are in a bad financial situation.

Please message the moderators with charities you might feel are a scam!

#Want to see ONLY 501c(3) and NGO posts? Click Here!

#Account Requirements

  • Your account needs to be 30 days or older AND
  • Your account needs a minimum of 300 Comment karma.

^The ^only ^exceptions ^for ^the ^account ^requirements ^are ^if ^you ^are ^directly ^linking ^to ^a ^registered ^certified ^non-profit ^organization. ^For ^example, ^a ^501c3 ^or ^NGO. ^Or ^if ^the ^fundraising ^site ^shows ^it's ^going ^to ^a ^registered/certified ^charity ^under ^the ^organizer's ^name.

The following circumventions will result in a ban:

  • Using a karma farming subreddit, such as Karma4You.
  • Unsolicited private messaging to push your campaign.
  • Posting your campaign on someone else's post.


  1. Posts must be more than just a link to your campaign. Be descriptive! Show evidence . This includes:

    • If this is for your pet, photos of your pet in question, with your username on a handwritten note in the picture.
    • School documentation showing enrollment if you are asking for assistance for school.
    • Redacted bills showing your situation.
    • Or other relevant documentation that can help establish credibility.
    • At minimum, please attach an unobstructed selfie photo of yourself(the submitter) with a handwritten note of your username.
    • Low effort posts that simply say to the effect of, "everything is listed in the GoFundMe" will be removed.
  2. Please Flair your posts, once created. If you don't know how, just let the mods know and we'll do it for you.

  3. Only 1 campaign per user. We want you have some personal connection to the campaign, and not submit multiples simply because they were in the news.

  4. Reposts are allowed once a week. If a repost comes up too early, the newest one(s) will be removed.

  5. Acceptable transfer methods for individuals are for crowdfunding sites only, such as GoFundme, YouCaring, etc. Individuals should avoid using crypto, or direct banking aps (like Chase). Paypal Pool campaigns are okay, but not regular Paypal accounts. 501c(3) and NGOs may use whatever method they wish. (Updated 1/27/2021)

  6. Don't PM people to make requests. If you receive an unsolicited private message, please let us know!

  7. Do not post politically-related campaigns. They're just too divisive.

  8. Trolling will not be tolerated and offending users will be banned.

  9. Don't bug the mods for an exception to the account requirements. None will be given. If you attempt to circumvent the requirement by karma farming or by commenting on someone else's post, your account will be banned.

  10. No posting for other Redditors. No Alts. This is viewed as a circumvention of the requirements and the accounts in question will be banned. (New Oct 22, 2020)

  11. Selling is only allowed by 1st parties directly. We do not allow selling by 3rd parties to benefit another organization, as there's no transparency to verify that the announced percentage of sales actually goes to the beneficiary. Only direct sales by the non-profit organization are allowed.


#Other Subreddits to Check Out ^Please ^note ^these ^links ^will ^send ^you ^to ^another ^subReddit ^with ^their ^own ^sets ^of ^requirements ^and ^rules.

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  • /r/food_pantry and /r/Food_Pantry_Canada - Request for non-perishable food items and sanitary products.
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  • /r/Need - A place for requesting necessities.
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  • /r/scholarships

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^If ^you ^have ^been ^banned ^elsewhere, ^please ^resolve ^your ^ban ^with ^the ^originating ^subReddit.

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