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This subreddit is for anyone who has experience in college to discuss the negative aspects of college life, although anyone is welcomed in this subreddit. We encourage you to blow off some steam you may have regarding the academic institution and the college experience. Have fun!

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1. Relevance to Content

Content must be relevant to the subject matter - being College. Any posts that aren't college related in nature will be removed.

2. Be nice and respectful to other redditors

No one likes a rude loud mouth. Please be respectful to other redditors and be nice. Any malicious insults directed to other redditors will not be tolerated.

3. No spam

Any spam found by the moderators will be removed. Any users that keep on posting spam more than once will immediately be banned from the subreddit.

4. Include a TL:DR

Include a short “Too Long;Didn’t Read” summary at the end of your post.

Moderator Discretion: We reserve the right to remove/approve any post and ban anyone that we may think will ruin/devalue the community. This is not censorship, this is probably because you were being a dick and breaking rules.

The most common phrases the members use:

feel like
mental breakdown
first test
second year
high school

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