A page for people in the community to ask others for advice or insight

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Please refer to the pinned posts for the rules before posting!

This page is for MATURE advice posts relating to the DDlg lifestyle for both caregivers and littles.

21+ ONLY#### Description Please refrain from posting in little space, as there’s other forums for that. Only mature conversations will be tolerated. Don’t post pictures of yourself or personal ads. If you need help choosing between products, post a picture of the product itself, not of you wearing it. Don’t shame anyone, and be nice. No fake baby talk, only big-space posts and comments.


  • Must be 21 or older to post
  • No posts while in little space
  • No baby talk
  • No pictures of yourself
  • No shaming
  • Be nice :)

The most common phrases the members use:

little space
look after
other things
closed doors
long distance

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