1. No promotional/commercial activities. This community is not for self-promotion, surveys, or advertising. It’s also not for job-searching or recruitment: please use r/designjobs, r/forhire, r/jobs, or r/picrequests instead. You also cannot promote your own products, services, brand, or shop - including your design services.

  2. If posting someone else's work, credit them appropriately. If posting someone else's work, use the 'Someone Else's Work' flair. If posting your own work but it's been heavily inspired by, or has drawn on, elements of another person's design, you must credit them. Claiming someone else's work as your own will result in removal and repeated offenders will receive a ban.

  3. All shared work must have a comment for context. You must write a comment explaining any work that you post for feedback. The work’s objective, its audience, your design decisions, etc. This information is necessary to allow people to understand your project and provide feedback.

  4. No basic/repeated questions. Please Google your question first, and then use the search function on Reddit to see whether someone else has asked your question already. This also applies to font identification questions: use r/identifythisfont instead.

  5. This is not a “homework” forum. This is not a place to pick the brains of other designers to do your job for you. You can ask questions, or post asking for inspiration, but please don’t cross the line to getting other users to do your work for you.

  6. No off-topic/non-civil discussion. We recognise that design can be political and controversial. We welcome that content here, but please keep all discussion in the comments civil and focussed on the design. This rule also applies to responding to those who leave critical feedback – please give, and accept, feedback politely.

  7. No memes/low-quality posts. Please use r/designmemes instead. This also applies to "meme" work (non-serious work created as a joke).

  8. Is it suitable for this sub? To separate r/design from the various other creative industry subs, artwork and posts of pieces that have functional purpose should be submitted here. There's various other subs for /r/art, /r/DigitalArt, photoshop work, illustration etc. Artwork here must have been designed for a functional purpose

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