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R/Discussion Rules:

1. Preface your title with a tag or flair your post.

Pick a [Casual], [Serious], or [Political] tag when submitting. All post titles must be prefixed properly. Use a [Casual] tag for general conversation, a [Serious] tag for deeper discussion, or a [Political] tag for anything political, socially or systemically.

2. Be civil.

We are generally lax in the way you which to represent yourself, but we expect decency.

3. Post only legitimate discussions.

Memes, image-macros, etc. are allowed in [Casual] and [Political] posts, but you may not create a post where the only purpose is to be humorous or meta.

4. No personal information or off-site activity.

Adhere to all Reddit site-wide rules. We will remove any content that doesn't and ban the involved parties.

5. No NSFW links.

NSFW discussion is allowed, however you must both flair and prefix your post with [NSFW], as well as the categorical tag. Additionally, links relevant to discussion are allowed but must not be NSFW.

The most common phrases the members use:

feel like
social services
human services
great depression
swear word

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