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The unofficial eBay subreddit.

Help for buyers and sellers.

Please read the rules - https://old.reddit.com/r/Ebay/about/rules/#### Description

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  2. Block out all personal information. This includes USERNAMES, real names, street addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses etc.

  3. Do not post a new topic about scams. Use the stickied scam thread, which can be found here.

  4. Be respectful to other users at all times and behave in a civil manner. Abuse will be removed and result in a ban.

  5. No spam. This includes self promotion.

  6. No private messages. Do not PM people. Do not request PMs. Do not PM mods individually.

  7. No videos. No youtube.

  8. No illegal advice or posts.

  9. No suspension posts.

  10. Please no low quality posts. These will be removed.

  11. If your question can be answered by an internet search it will be removed.

  12. No posts about Import Fees.

  13. No income / sales tax questions. Please see a tax professional.

  • We prioritise content which benefits the Ebay community instead of an individual. ⁠• ⁠Good: Clearly titled, clearly explained posts, and widely relevant to the Community. ⁠• ⁠Bad: Common/simple topics, posts that don't engage conversation, those answered by contacting Ebay customer service, or answered by searching prior threads / Ebay help documents / Google. Posting here should not be your first effort at learning something or troubleshooting.

  • Full list of rules can be found here

  • DOXXING. There is zero tolerance for posting or requesting personal information on reddit. Users doing so will be banned.

The most common phrases the members use:

from ebay
negative feedback
business days
first class
police report

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