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A place for Etsy sellers and buyers to post products and all things Etsy.#### Description Welcome to r/Etsy!


  • NO DIRECT LINKS TO ETSY These are only allowed in stickied Critique and Share Your Stuff threads. In any other thread you may provide your unlinked username only.

  • NO REQUESTS FOR FEEDBACK OR CRITIQUE Please post your request in the monthly Critique thread.

  • NO SHAMELESS PLUGS OR PROMOTION POSTS These must go in to the weekly Share Your Stuff thread, social media threads or themed request threads. This applies to everyone.

  • NO TRADEMARK OR COPYRIGHT TAKEDOWN QUESTIONS If your item was taken down contact a lawyer for clarification. If you want to know why a seller is selling an item made with IP owned by someone else: The seller either doesn't know they're infringing or they don't care. We do not support sellers who are selling unlicensed merchandise. Contact the seller directly, notify the IP holder, or both.

  • NO HARASSMENT No witch hunts, no call outs, no claiming another user is a spammer or scammer, harassment or being a dick, no matter what. There are other venues for this.

  • NO BLOG POSTS Blog posts go in the share your stuff thread, or if relevant it can be in a comment reply. NO ASKING FOR FREE PRODUCTS IN POSTS, COMMENTS OR PM.

  • BIZ & SERVICES GET 1 INTRO POST - NO SURVEYS This is not for Etsy sellers, but for people trying to sell or get Etsy Sellers as clients. After your one text post introducing your service you may purchase ads or post in the Share Your Stuff thread. You may however comment in other posts where your service or item is applicable. No surveys at any time outside of the Share Your Stuff thread.

  • NO ASKING WHEN WE GOT OUR FIRST SALE OR HOW TO TURN FAVORITES INTO SALES Don't ask when we got our first sale. If it hasn’t happened for you yet, post in the monthly Critique thread for help. Don't ask how to turn favorites into sales. Contacting people who favorite your items is SPAM. Do not do this.

  • NO ASKING IF YOUR PRODUCT WOULD DO WELL OR FIT ON ETSY Etsy is for handmade items, vintage, or craft supplies. If your item is one of these things, great! Start a store. What determines success is how hard you're willing to work and learn about Etsy. Start your store then hit up the monthly Critique thread for help.

  • NO CELEBRATORY POSTS EXCEPT 100th/1,000th/10,000th/100,000th SALE We love to celebrate, so post to let us know about your 100th, 1000th, 10,000th, and 100,000th sales only. Please follow the rules outlined in this post when you hit these milestones.

  • NO RESELLING We are trying to make money by selling handmade or designed items on Etsy. If you're found to be reselling factory produced items you will be banned. Proof is necessary for reselling claims.

  • NO PROMOTING OTHER E-COMMERCE SITES Posting your personal, non-Etsy shop or your shop in addition to Etsy is okay. Drive by spammers who post links only to non-Etsy e-commerce venues will be banned.

  • NO REFERRAL LINKS Please do not post referral link for Etsy or another service. If someone requests a code for free listings PM them the link.

  • NO ASKING HOW TO MASS EXPORT PREVIOUS BUYERS' EMAIL ADDRESSES Please do not ask us how to mass export previous buyers' email addresses for the purposes of sending them a newsletter. Buyers must opt in to any newsletters. Signing them up on their behalf violates Etsy's TOS and GDPR.



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Coupon Codes for Redditors - Winter 2022


Please put your Etsy username (no spaces!) as your flair. This flair can the be used to find your store by going to etsyusername.etsy.com

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