Discussing Fatherhood

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For Fathers to Discuss Fatherhood.#### Description


  1. Fatherhood is for Fathers only. If you are not a father, you will banned.

  2. When participating, please follow Reddiquette.

  3. Keep all content Safe for Work. Otherwise, flag borderline posts NSFW.

  4. No low-effort posting. Posts with just a title will be removed.

  5. No solicitation of funds or requesting others to vote on external sites.

  6. No nudity (defined as "below the belt") will be tolerated. Even if the photo is innocent and non-suggestive, we have a zero-tolerance policy for nudity.

  7. No Surveys or Questionnaires. Post one, and you get banned.

The most common phrases the members use:

middle school
first child
first word
feel like
full time

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