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A place for discussion regarding anything FedEx.

We're not officially endorsed by FedEx nor are we a representation of the company#### Description ###Quick Links

  • Start a claim/damaged package/missing shipping request

  • History of FedEx


  • Be Civil, SERIOUSLY! The mods have little sense of humor over the quality of some of the posts and comments we are seeing. This will be aggressively enforced until things start to calm down. The ban hammer is in effect.

  • use the sticky posts for common issues.

  • Direct messaging mods for anything that is not an actual real emergency risks a ban.

  • Please attach a censored version of your tracking number with every shipment inquiry! Click for example image

  • Do not attempt to identify/threaten employees of FedEx

  • You may post anything FedEx related. All hate/targeting towards each other will be removed and you will be blocked from posting here.


The most common phrases the members use:

apartment number
customer service
coming from
attorney general
class action

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