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Please include text recipes in your comments, if possible.

Submission Rules

Rule 1 - Posts Must Be Food-Related

  • As r/FoodPorn is a food subreddit, all posts and comments must relate, in some way, to food. Any comments or posts that are hateful, rude, or antagonizing will be removed and the user may be banned at the mod’s discretion.

Rule 2 - Only Submit Single Images and Gifs

  • Gif's are only allowed as long as they comply with the rules here.

  • Videos, collections, interactive images/websites, and articles are not allowed.

Rule 3 - Include Context in the Title

  • Include some context in the title (including the name of the food, not just the type of meal e.g. lunch). All non-OC must credit the content creator in the title.

  • If it is your image, please place an [OC] tag in the title. We also offer [OC] flair for users to flair their content.

  • If it is non-OC, use the “credit: content creator“ tag and include the name of the content creator.

  • Low effort titles will be removed. Please try and describe what's in your photo the best you can (e.g. "Dim Sum Lunch" or "Antipasto with parma ham, olives, gruyere cheese, and breadsticks").

Rule 4 - One Non-Original Post Per Day

  • You may only post one non-original content post per day. A "non-OC post" is a photograph (or gif) that you did not create yourself.

Rule 5 - Recipes should be in plain text

  • We do not require posts to include a recipe, however we do strongly encourage it. If you decide to include a recipe it must be posted in plain text in the comments section. You are free to link to off-site recipes, but there must always be a plain text version in a comment, if there is to be any recipe at all.

Rule 6 - Civil Comments only

  • Please remember the human and keep your comments civil.

If you have any questions check out the FAQ.

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