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Game theory is the science of strategy and decision-making using mathematical models.#### Description


This subreddit is a place for both experienced and novice strategists to gather and discuss problems, scenarios, decision-making as well as post and find articles that display the modern use of game theory.

If life is a game, learn how to play!


  1. Stay on topic! This subreddit was designed with specific subject matter in mind. Public discussion on the subreddit should pertain, at least loosely, to game theory and how it affects the world around us.

  2. Be respectful! There are many complicated facets and ideas that go into game theory and as such, there will be people who disagree with each other. This is great! This is what game theory is about; strategy, argument, victory and defeat. However, we do hope that everyone can remain civil in the discussion of such topics.



  • Game Theory: A Nontechnical Introduction


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game theory
cognitive dissonance
subconscious mind
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