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If you’ve been lifting for decades or are just starting out r/GYM is for you. Please read our sub rules before posting!#### Description Welcome!

Welcome to /r/GYM, a community for Redditors to discuss any topics relating to general fitness; with an emphasis on barbell & dumbbell lifting, as well as calisthenics (bodyweight movements).

You can share a gym PR, request feedback on a lift, post your progress, ask any gym-related questions, or share an appropriate gym meme. Remember to click that subscribe button!


Rule 1: Be Civil, Courteous, and Polite. No name-calling or arguing in bad faith. No off-topic conversation within threads.

Rule 2: No Selfies! Progress Posts MUST contain a Before & After picture. Include starting/ending dates in the title of post. No Exceptions.

Rule 3: No "form-policing" or concern-trolling. If it doesn't say "Form Check" in the title, please don't provide unsolicited feedback.

Rule 4: No "natty-policing" or steroid-accusations! (This includes all PED's & SARMs). Zero Tolerance, you WILL be banned.

Rule 5: No "rate-my-routine", no "critique my program" posts. Pick an established program from the /r/Fitness WIKI.

Rule 6: Some of our users also post in NSFW subs. DON'T mention their other explicit content (such as OnlyFans) when commenting here.

Rule 7: Wacky Wednesdays are reserved for Unorthodox, Unconventional, and Original Lifts. Please "Do Not Attempt" these humorous lifts.

Rule 8: NO SPAM! No advertising or overt self-promotion for any products or services. No surveys or market research whatsoever.

Rule 9: Keep it light and positive! Let's strive to cultivate a healthy ecology in this community.

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