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Gifs and videos of game physics and glitches#### Description #About:

A subreddit for game engines at their best and worst. This means games with up and coming tech and games that are glitching out in hilarious ways.

Please note: Submissions do not necessarily have to be physics related, but please check the top posts to understand the spirit of the subreddit.


  • Post the game's name in [brackets] at the beginning of your title
  • No generic highlights of something cool done in game.
  • Source the video your gif is from
  • If you report a link, please message the mods a link to the comments section as well as the reason you reported the link.
  • Don't repost something if it's been posted within the last 2 months. If you're unsure if something's already been posted, search for the game name in the search bar.
  • x-posts are allowed, but please tag it with [x-post from (subreddit)].
  • Recent update to the rules
  • Please try to only submit Youtube, Imgur, or Gfycat links otherwise your post might get caught in the spam filter.
  • INDIE DEVELOPER RULES: If you are an indie developer with a WORK IN PROGRESS, you may only submit one post during that stage of development. Other users may not submit any posts of your WIP after this point either. If your game is RELEASED, you may again only submit one post for this stage. You are required to indicate that the game is released in the comments, with proof provided. Released titles can be freely posted by other users but any further dev posts at this stage will be treated as advertisement and removed.
  • All submissions must either be glitches or demonstrate notable physics, either of the good variety or bad. If the game's engine is performing normally then your submission is NOT appropriate. Effectively, if your submission pertains to something mundane that happens during standard gameplay it is not acceptable.


  • If you need a gif made, be sure to visit /r/Makemeagif! Just pick your favorite scene from a video, someone will gif it, and you can post it here for easily digestible fun.
  • Try to host on imgur or gfycat
  • No advice animals.
  • Self-post discussions are more than welcome!

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