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Healthy Food Recipes#### Description Welcome to Healthy Recipes, a place to share and enjoy tasty and healthy dishes.

#Submission guidelines#

  • All posts must contain a recipe and nutritional information If you link to a picture of the finished dish please include the recipe in the comments. Please format it so it is easy to follow.

  • Self-promotion is allowed but please don't flood the front page with submissions from one website. Be aware of reddit's self promotion guidelines.

  • Every recipe must be healthy. The definition of healthy will vary according to your diet of choice -what's healthy for a ketoer might not be for a vegan- but generally your post should contain none or few processed ingredients and should be heavy on the veggies. Please upvote posts you deem healthy so they reach the top, but don't downvote posts just because they don't fit your diet.

  • This sub does not provide medical advice. Recipes and comments stating or implying that the recipes cure or treat a condition will be removed. Please report posts or comments that break this rule.

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green beans
macaroni salad
rice cooker
forest fruits
mango lassi

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