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History memes and jokes go here. Our Discord Server can be found in the sidebar below.#### Description A History Network Member

This subreddit was created because there was a niche that was not being filled in the historical Reddit community. There was no place to be a redditor in history. All of your historical jokes and memes go here. (This is a place for memes, not propaganda.)

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Remember, this is the memes part of the historical community of reddit, not the historical part of the memes community of reddit. Treat it as such.

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RULE 1: Keep posts history related

Please keep all submissions to the sub related to history and/or based on historical events. See here for the extended rules.

Rule 1.1

Memes about Ideologies (Communism, Christianity, etc.) are not allowed on the sub.

Rule 1.2

Historically inaccurate memes or imaginary history memes are not allowed.

Rule 1.3

Meta memes about the sub are allowed and must be tagged with the "Meta" tag when appropriate.

RULE 2: No reposts

All reposts, similar and identical, of posts previously submitted to the subreddit are banned and eligible for removal.

Rule 2.1

Crossposts are allowed as long as it is not a repost of a previous submission to the subreddit. Crossposts should also be marked with the flair "X-post".

Rule 2.1

Crossposts are allowed on the subreddit as long as it is not a repost of a previous submission to the subreddit. Crossposts should also be marked with the flair "X-post".

RULE 3: No discrimination or abuse

Any excessive sexism, homophobia, racism or any other form of discrimination will be dealt with harshly and mods reserve the right to impose bans without warning. Basically try not to be jerks.

RULE 4: Year limit

All posts must include only subject matter of at least 20 years old from the post time. Example: Memes about Barack Obama's presidential election victory will not be allowed to be posted until November 4th, 2028.

Rule 4.1 - Meta use

Posts that either complain about Rule 4 or use Rule 4 as a loophole to circumvent the rule are not allowed on the subreddit.

RULE 5: Banned formats

Certain memes and formats, such as "Retake the Holy Land" and "Hitler Suicide", are banned on the subreddit. A full list can be found in the extended rules here.

RULE 6: Do not deny or defend genocides and atrocities.

These include, but are not limited to; Holodomor, the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, Japanese war crimes and the Tiananmen Square massacre. Doing so will result in an instant permaban. Hateful historical revisionists are not welcome.

Do not downplay or use whataboutism in discussion of atrocities and genocides

RULE 7: Meme wars

No calling for meme wars or inciting subreddit drama. Organising or participating in raids will get you a permanent ban. In the event of a meme war, you must abide by the rules of other subreddits when posting there.

RULE 8: No Brigading

Directly linking posts to political subreddits is not allowed unless it is linked in a non-participating manner (i.e. linking "np.reddit.com" rather than "www.reddit.com"). For more info see https://www.reddit.com/r/NoParticipation/wiki/intro

Rule 8.1
Political talks in comments are ok but linking to external sites in which are about it are not

RULE 9: Quality control

Memes must adhere to some basic standards. Excessive black bars, improper cropping, and low resolution/unreadable memes are banned from the subreddit. Please see the extended rules here for a full list and explanation on banned practices.

RULE 10: No karma-whoring

Memes asking for upvotes, awards, and user actions are not allowed. See here for the extended rules

Rule 10.1

Posts found to be simply large boxes of information, text, or otherwise, that do not contain an attempt at humor are not allowed on the subreddit.

RULE 11: No low effort titles

All submissions to the subreddit must include a proper title that does not exemplify qualities signifying "low-effort", "Lazy", or "Karma-whoring". See here to see what is prohibited

Rule 11.1

If the title is removed from the meme and it ceases to be either a historical meme or a meme in general it is not allowed on the subreddit.

RULE 12: No 1900's Onwards on Weekends

Memes that are about historical events, trends, or topics from January 1st, 1900 (AD or CE) are banned on weekends (EST) to encourage creativity and topic diversity. Weekly contests are exempt from the rule.

Meta Memes complaining about Rule 12 are (still) prohibited everyday.