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The most interesting subreddit about things you're not interested in#### Description "The most interesting subreddit about things you're not interested in."

A place where people can post dramatic and controversial stories, events and situations within their specific circles, usually consisting of events others may not have heard of.

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What is a hobby?

In r/HobbyDrama, this is obviously a huge factor in the drama. What makes a hobby is a very deep philosophical question; for the purposes of our community, a hobby community is "a group of people who are connected by their active participation in a particular activity during their free time for personal enjoyment".

Campaigning for political causes is not a hobby, because you don't campaign for personal enjoyment. Being internet famous is not a hobby, because there is no community. Following a social media account is not a hobby, because you are not actively participating.

Fandom drama must involve active participation in a hobby to qualify as hobby drama. Watching TV shows and sports, viewing Let's Plays and streams, and listening to bands are not considered hobbies for the purpose of this sub; however writing fanfic, drawing fan art, participating in roleplays, doing cosplay, playing video games, participating in sports groups, and composing music would be.

What is NOT a hobby?

Some examples include: drama related to a Twitch Steamer or YouTuber; current news and events; watching TV Shows, movies, and sports.

What is a hobby drama post?

  • A post that describes an experience relating to a hobby you participate in.

  • It's a story that we as users can read and enjoy. Don't just post text message logs, tell a story.

What is NOT a Hobby Drama post?

  • A short one liner, or a post directly asking for advice.

Please see the [wiki] (https://www.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/wiki/writing_a_post) for more information.

/r/HobbyDrama Rules:

  1. Do not post, link to, or ask for personal information

  2. No trolling, hate speech, or using slurs

  3. Do not insult other users, participate in flame wars, or flame bait

  4. Site-wide rules and reddiquette also apply here

  5. Title all posts in the correct format:

    [Hobby Name] Drama Descriptor

  6. No low-quality or low-effort posts, including reposts or copypastas.

  7. Post reddit community drama to /r/SubredditDrama

  8. Post YouTuber drama to /r/YouTubeDrama

  9. Consequences of the drama must be detailed beyond "...and everyone was mad"

  10. No validation-seeking or awfulbrag posts, OP should not be part of the drama

  11. There must be a noticeable impact to the relevant community based on the size of the community

  12. Drama must have concluded at least 14 days prior to posting, ongoing drama belongs in the weekly Hobby Scuffles thread

  13. Non-drama posts (tales and/or histories about your hobby) must be flaired as Hobby History. Hobby History posts are quality, detailed writeups of interesting non-drama events in your hobby.

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