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Unofficial subreddit for everything about YouTube long-form Movie and Game critic MauLer and the EFAP Video Podcast.#### Description

Hello and Welcome to the unofficial MauLer subreddit!

This is MauLer, famous for his long and in depth critiques of games and movies like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. He also runs the Every Frame A Pause podcast, which can be found on his second channel.

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For regular updates, see MauLer's Patreon page and Twitter.

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Even the best communities need rules. We ask that all participants are familiar with and follow the reddiquette and our house rules:


Certain types of content provide very little value and/or stirr up drama or tend to clash with reddits rules. These things are not welcome in this sub:

  • Anything related to Jared Genesis
  • Anything related to /r/moviescirclejerk
  • /r/saltierthankrayt, /r/starwarscantina crossposts
  • "I was banned from X" Memes
  • Self Promotion for financial benefit (i.e. Patreon)


We ask you to be civil and respectful towards everyone, be they posters on this sub or outsiders. Specifically, this means no excessive insults, especially in post titles. Post titles that only serve to insult someone will not be tolerated. If you insult people first then don't act like you are innocent.


We ask that you vote based on quality, not opinion and that you give your posts a descriptive and preferably neutral title.


We ask that you do not engage in "witch-hunts" or similar behaviour in this sub and that you do not post other peoples' personal information. We ask that you remove the names and other identifying information in screenshots. Well known account names (like of popular YouTubers) can be left visible.


We ask that all submissions in this sub are directly related to either MauLer himself, his work, a subject of his work (e.g., a movie he has covered/is covering) or the sub itself (i.e., Meta posts). Political posts will only be tolerated if they directly relate to something said by MauLer or on EFAP.

IN SHORT: don't be a dick and everything will be fine.

Links of interest

A Critique of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

An Unbridled Rage - Playlist

efap.me (Run by a Fan)

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