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  • Heavy metal songs, music videos, articles, interviews, and tour dates

  • Please post any discussion topics in our daily discussion threads

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  • All image and text posts

  • Full album links ([New Releases as part of feature articles are fine] (https://www.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/9rjjwl/shreddit_psa_full_album_rule_amendment/))

  • Any music from a Retirement Center, Respite List band or side/solo project of a band on these two lists is prohibited from being posted (feel free to discuss these bands in our daily thread). New releases are exempt as long as the music still falls under the scope of metal music.

  • No self promotion except in our Friday Promote threads

  • Kickstarter or any other fundraisers should be posted in daily threads

  • All recommendation requests will be directed to our weekly REC THREADS

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  • Content not related to metal music is prohibited. Verify if the band you're posting is on Metal Archives first and foremost and does not fall under Metalcore, Deathcore, Alt-Metal, Nu Metal, etc. This is because these genres fall outside of our scope

  • Every Friday is UNDERGROUND FRIDAY, which means no band above 10,000 listeners on Last.fm is permitted. New releases are not exempt from this rule

  • Reposts: Refrain from posting songs from bands that have already been posted very recently, this includes any songs and not just the specific tracks that were posted. Search the subreddit and see if they have not been posted within the last 7 days.


We have chosen to implement a list of certain popular bands that we vote upon as a community on a quarterly basis. This list can be found in full, along with an explanation for why we have it in the first place, on our Respite and Retirement Center Wiki Page. This is not because we dislike or discourage listening to them, but in order to promote diversity and discovery of smaller and lesser known artists. Cover songs of retired bands are also prohibited. All side projects and solo works from retired artists are subject to mod discretion. New releases are exempt as long as the music still falls under the scope of metal music.

###Recent AMAs |Band | Date| |-|-|-| |Cradle of Filth (Dani Filth)|11/23/2021 |Thy Catafalque (Tamás Kátai) | 11/08/2021 |Joe Satriani | 10/28/2021 |Exodus (Gary Holt) | 10/28/2021 |At the Gates | 7/26/2021 | |Mare Cognitum & Spectral Lore | 3/23/2021 |Dark Tranquillity | 12/1/2020| |Ensiferum | 9/1/2020| |Abysmal Dawn| 6/9/2020| |Warbringer (John Kevill) | 4/24/2020| |Colin Marston | 3/25/2020 | |Angel Sword | 2/11/2020| |Blood Incantation|11/27/2019| |Vastum (Leila, Daniel) | 10/31/2019|

To set up an AMA, contact u/MountainOfBlood. For a full list of AMAs that we have hosted on r/metal, head on over to our AMA Wiki Page

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