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This subreddit is dedicated to the obscure details and easter eggs found in movies.

Don't forget you can get screenshots from movies at movie-screencaps.com.

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Rule name | Description ---|--- Rule 1: Detail Guidelines |Not blatantly obvious observations, but obscure enough that people could have missed it, or they noticed it but the significance didn’t click. Details must be obscure, relevant, and intentional. They must also be about something on screen, not off screen. See rule 8 for more info. Whether a post is a detail or not is decided via a community vote in a stickied comment, but moderators reserve the right to remove posts that don't fit.
Rule 2: Flair your post. | Please flair your post apropriately, moderators will change or remove it if it is incorrect. Rule 3: Be civil | Be civil. Uncivil comments including "detail is obvious" will be removed and may get you banned. Political comments may be removed because they can easily devolve into off-topic arguments. Repeated shitposting and rule-breaking may also get you banned. Rule 4: Titles must include the movie name and release year | All submissions must include the name of the movie and the year of release in the title Rule 5: Explain your post. | Make sure your submission has an explanation either in the title or in the comments and add "(explanation in comments)" to your title. Details must also be adequately explained with a relevant screencap or clip. Rule 6: No unreleased movies or spoilers in titles. | No spoilers in the title or untagged comments. Don't browse /new if you're worried about this. Until a movie becomes available for purchase on multiple storefronts, digitally or physically, it will not be allowed on r/moviedetails. *Unless it's confirmed to never be released on any other platforms (such as Netflix exclusives). Rule 7: Movies only, no games or TV shows. | Submissions must be movies; TV shows and games should go to /r/TVDetails and /r/GamingDetails. Additionally, movie trailers are not eligible for submission. See this multireddit for more details subreddits. Rule 8: No offtopic posts. | No memes, meta, questions, theories or political posts. Also, Movie mistakes, special effects, posts about minor roles of famous actors, behind the scenes clips and images, script details, and production/offscreen trivia are not allowed here. See the sidebar for more appropriate subreddits if your post doesn’t belong here. Rule 9: Avoid reposts. | No common reposts, recent reposts (within 6 months), or reposts of posts that had previously gained over 20,000 upvotes. See a repost? crosspost it to r/MovieDetailsRepost Rule 10: Factual posts require a source. | By default, all Trivia posts require a source. Other posts may require a source depending on the context of the detail. IMDB is not an accepted source, along with uncited blog posts and articles (such as WhatCulture and Factinate). If you claim that something is on the DVD commentary, you must provide proof that it is (with a picture or quote).


  • If a post or comment breaks the rules, please don't just complain. Hit the report button and we'll look into it ASAP :).

  • Appeals to bans or post removals should be sent via modmail.

  • NSFW content is allowed but must be distinguished as such.

  • Intentionally spoiling content may lead to a ban.

  • Bots must be approved by the mod team and receive a bot flair, otherwise they will be banned

  • If 10% or more of your content is from the same domain, youtube account or similar you will be permanently banned as a spammer.

Expanded rules and banning policy

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