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A place to share the tales of your nightmares.#### Description This subreddit is for sharing the horrifying tales of your trips through the unconscious world. Tell us about your most frightening nightmares, the disturbing dream you had last night, draw the bizarre creatures and landscapes you've seen in your dreams or share nightmare related articles and documents.

#Subreddit Rules

  1. Be nice to each other. Dreams can often be personal and contain sensitive information, sharing them is not always easy. Toxic behavior or mocking someone's else dreams or feelings regarding them won't be tolerated.

  2. Do not ask for or suggest medications, drugs, symbolic interpretations or supernatural explanations for nightmares. We are not doctors or psychologists. This subreddit is to be kept within the realm of science.

  3. Only nightmare and dream related content is allowed. This is no place to post your creepypastas, short horror movies or general creepy images.

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felt like
inner world
real life
ever experienced
once again

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