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Open Source Intelligence#### Description News and resources on open source intelligence.


  • Do not attempt to Dox other users, this is a place for sharing knowledge not other people's personal lives. This includes posts asking to identify users on other social media platforms. THERE WILL NOT BE A SECOND WARNING.
  • Read the "Getting Started" entry on the wiki before you post asking where to start with OSINT.
  • This subreddit is dedicated to collecting articles, research, and Open Source Intelligence related sources.
  • Tag your submissions properly, this helps people sort through old posts.
  • Jokes, pun threads, any comment that is off topic and adds nothing to the discussion, or general debauchery that degrades user experience and the quality of this subreddit will not be tolerated.
  • No Meme submissions.
  • Do not editorialize titles.
  • Check the new queue for duplicates.
  • Do not submit content that is behind a paywall or registration wall. If necessary use freezepage.com
  • Follow all reddit rules and obey reddiquette.
  • The Wiki can be found here. Please reach out if you wish to help contributing.

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