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/r/Parenting is the place to discuss the ins and out as well as ups and downs of child-rearing. From the early stages of pregnancy to when your teenagers are finally ready to leave the nest (even if they don't want to) we're here to help you through this crazy thing called parenting.

You can get advice on potty training, talk about breastfeeding, discuss how to get your baby to sleep or ask if that one weird thing your kid does is normal.#### Description ######Make this subreddit a better place! Vote and participate in the new section and report rule violations.

/r/Parenting is a subreddit for anything related to the controlled chaos we call parenting.

Do you have a question for parents? Head over to /r/AskParents.

Did your kid say something awesome? Join us at /r/thingsmykidsaid.

Are you a caregiver or nanny? Check out /r/nanny.

We also recommend /r/relationships, /r/legaladvice and /r/family.

#####Community Rules

  1. Only Parents or Guardians May Create New Posts
  • Parents/guardians are any person who has substantial decision-making authority in a child's life. However, it’s okay for anyone to comment, provided it’s on-topic and within rules. Indicate you're a parent or guardian, or self-select your user flair, to avoid confusion/accidental moderation. Non-parents/guardians that still have pressing questions for parents can utilize the weekly "Ask Parents Anything" thread in this sub or visit r/AskParents.
  1. Be Decent & Civil
  • Remember the Human! Disagree but remain respectful; don’t insult people or their children, name-call, or be intentionally rude. Bullying, including baiting/antagonizing, and brigading of either individual users or subreddits will not be tolerated. Reporting posts that violate this rule is the best way to get it noticed by the moderation team.
  1. No Medical & Legal Advice
  • Reddit and the internet, in general, are not the best places to get or give medical or legal advice. Support for established medical and legal situations is allowed. Do not ask about symptoms, post pictures, or ask if you should seek a medical professional. Do not ask if something is legal/illegal, if you should call the police, engage an attorney, or call child welfare agencies. Commenters should not offer medical or legal advice. Always consult a professional in these matters. Additionally, you may also consider posting on r/legaladvice for legal advice.
  1. No surveys, studies, or interviews
  • Absolutely no surveys, studies, petitions, interview requests or invitations to participate are permitted. This includes anything done for profit, academia, school, free, or for personal information. Please consider posting instead to r/samplesize.
  1. No linking, promotion, or advertising
  • We do not allow spam, self-promotion, marketing research, fundraising, petitions, solicitation of feedback, or any material that looks to use the community for benefit of themselves or anybody else. Non-promotional linking is also discouraged, especially if it's the main focus of the submission. This rule applies to both posts and comments.
  1. We are a discussion-first sub
  • This subreddit is discussion-based, and does not want blog posts, YouTube channels, open letters, pictures, or memes, or anything similar. This rule applies to posts and comments. Please check our recommendation wiki for other communities to post to.
  1. No Sexual Content Involving Minors
  • Most content describing sexual acts that involve minors (even when no adults are involved) will usually be removed. Self-exploration and sex can be a normal part of human growth and development. If you are worried your child is outside the range of normal please see a professional for advice. If you are worried about the sexual abuse of a minor please see your child's doctor, local police, or child welfare agency as soon as possible.
  1. General Posting and Moderation
  • Moderators can remove or approve any content at their discretion. If you feel something of yours was erroneously removed - reach out. We'd be glad to discuss it cordially. We only discuss moderation with the impacted user, not general curiosity seekers. Please help us by reporting posts and comments that don't meet the standard of our community for review! Your human moderators thank you for your patience and understanding.
  1. Rule P - No Photos of Children
  • Sometimes you want to post a picture of your little one, maybe to illustrate something that's happened to them, or to just share! We currently do not allow pictures of your little ones to be posted here, due to privacy and safety concerns. Please check out our recommendation wiki for other communities to post to instead!
  1. Rule S - Things My Kid Said Threads
  • We have the "Things My Kid Said" weekly thread about things your kids have said. Please consider saving your submission for this thread instead!

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