Nobody expects the unplanned

Public description

A place dedicated to photos of the unexpected and unplanned.#### Description Welcome to r/PerfectTiming, a subreddit dedicated to photos of the unexpected and unplanned.


1: All photos submitted must be unexpected and unplanned.
Avoid trivial submissions: If your post isn't the result of an unexpected and unplanned photography coincidence, it doesn't belong here. This place isn't about when things line up just right - it's about when things fall outside the line altogether.

2: Keep things clean, family friendly and fresh.
Be nice.
• No bots allowed (no bot summoning either).
• No gore, nudity, porn or violence allowed.
• No reposts.
• No self-promotion allowed.
• Use the NSFW tag to mark photos that might make visitors uncomfortable.

3: Use direct image links only.
Don't submit albums, collections or page links.

#Moderating • Comments and submissions are curated and removed at the discretion of the moderators and the community.
• In some cases, bans are also used (this includes temporary quarantine periods).
• If you have any further questions, feel free to message the moderators below.