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#All about our furry and not-so-furry friends

  • Please contact a veterinarian if you have medical questions or issues.
  • If you have found a lost pet - call your local Shelter
  • If you have lost a pet - contact local authorities and shelters, and post in your local subreddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

#These posts are not allowed:

  1. Asking for financial assistance or vote begging. Try /r/assistance.
  2. Advertising products, events, or animals for sale.
  3. Blog links of a self-promotional nature.
  4. Notice of a dying pet or pet that has passed on. Please post these in /r/petloss.
  5. "Ego" pictures of a pet which serve no useful purpose. /r/aww will love them.
  6. Strictly No Memes. Head over to /r/adviceanimals.

##If you don't see your submission in the new queue, please message the mods.

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