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Share published poems and discuss poetry here. Please share your own poetry on our sister subreddit, r/OCpoetry.#### Description

Original Poetry

#####Use /r/OCPoetry for original poetry

#What We're About: This is a forum to talk about the world of poetry. Seek advice on submitting your poetry for publication. Offer a lesson on enjambement. Spread the news of a new poet laureate. Etc.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Poetry:

  1. This subreddit is for sharing published poetry and for discussing the world of poetry. Do not post any original poems. Share your poetry on our sister subreddit, /r/OCPoetry.
  • Put a [TAG] in your post title, e.g., "[Info] Lesson on rhyming" (See below for available tags).
  • To ask for homework help, state that you are asking for homework help and show how far you've gotten.
  • To sell something, use a self post and offer a sample poem. To promote something, like publications, be detailed about your product.
  • Do not use a URL shortener.
  • IMGUR/Picture posts are not allowed. Put links in the body of a self post with a description/explanation.
  • NEW If you are sharing a poem in translation, both the original poet and the translator must be credited.

We moderators reserve the right to remove posts as best serves the community.

Available Tags

In order for your post to go through, you must use one of the following tags--in brackets--before your title.

  1. [POEM]: For sharing a published or anthologized POEM. (Not for sharing your own amateur poetry.)

  2. [ARTICLE]: For sharing a link to an ARTICLE from the general world of poetry.

  3. [OPINION]: For discussing your OPINIONS about any aspect of the general world of poetry.

  4. [RESOURCE]: For sharing outside links to RESOURCES that are related to the general world of poetry.

  5. [HELP]: For asking for HELP from the poetry community. (Still not for sharing your own amateur poetry.)

  6. [PROMO]: For PROMOTING your own creative project. (Still not for sharing your own amateur poetry).

  7. [OPPORTUNITY]: For announcements about professional OPPORTUNITIES for prospective poets.

  8. [META]: For discussing the subreddit itself, or discussing other posts that appear on the subreddit. Posts using this tag may be subject to moderator approval. If in doubt, please ask first.

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Formatting Help

Reddit formatting (aka 'fancy courier font trick')

  • 4 spaces after each line escapes double spacing
  • Double space the end of a line for a line break
  • Double return for a stanza break

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