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Not everybody understands the humor of programmers.


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Submission rules

Rules are zero-indexed. If they do not appear zero-indexed you are asked to contact Friend Computer for recalibration.

###0. Posts must make an attempt at humor, be related to programming, and only be understood by programmers.

Per this rule, the following post types are not allowed (including but not limited to):

  • Generic memes that can apply to more than just programming as a profession
  • General tech related jokes/memes (such as "running as administrator", sudo, USB or BIOS related posts and OS memes/jokes)
  • Non-humorous posts (such as programming help)

###Content quality

In addition, the following post types will be removed to preserve the quality of the subreddit's content, even if they pass the rule above:

  • Feeling/reaction posts
  • Posts that are vaguely related to programming
  • Software errors/bugs (please use /r/softwaregore)
  • Low effort/quality analogies (enforced at moderator discretion)

###1. No Hotlinking

Hotlinking is not allowed without explicit permission, unless it is obvious that the host allows it (e.g. Imgur or other image hosting services). Rehosting for the purposes of offering a direct link to an image is allowed in the comments.

###2. No reposts

All posts that have been on the first 2 pages of trending posts within the last month, is part of the top 200 of all time, or is part of common posts is considered repost and will be removed on sight.

###3. Common posts

Any post on the list of common posts will be removed. You can find this list here. Established meme formats are allowed, as long as the post is compliant with the previous rules.

###4. Titles

Titles must also be creative, high effort and relevant to the content. Titles such as “Interesting title”, “.”, “print(title)”, and “I don’t know what to put here” are not allowed.

Suggestions are welcome.

With regards to commenting, please follow reddiquette.


If you have any thoughts on how the moderation could be improved do not hesitate to message the moderators. If you feel that a metadiscussion is required with the whole subreddit either request that the moderators start one or start one yourself and tag it [Meta].

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  • /r/programme_irl - me too, thanks.

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