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Discussions and useful links for SaaS owners, online business owners, and more.#### Description


Discussions and useful links for SaaS owners, online business owners, and more.


###1.Submission Guidelines

Follow the Reddit site-wide rules and please treat others with respect, stay on-topic, and avoid non-productive self-promotion.

No spam.

###2.No Direct Sales Or Non-Productive Self-Promotion

Please don’t mention your SaaS/blog/company unless it’s relevant and actually helpful for someone reading. Overdoing it results in a ban.

Direct sales that are unsolicited are forbidden as well. No PM requests please.

###3.Posting SaaS Relevant Content Only

Please keep the discussions oriented around SaaS, tech companies, business in general or even personal aspects of the business world.

If posts are not somehow helping anyone in regards to the topic, removals and bans will be enforced.

###4.Blog Posts Rules

You may submit your blog post as long as the main ideas are in the Reddit post.

You need to provide value to people through your post and not simply present what you're talking about in your article.

The more value you provide in the body of the Reddit post, the safer it is to say that it won't be removed.

The only way a link is allowed is at the end of the post (“Originally posted here”), unless highly relevant (don't abuse this).

Anything else will be removed/banned.

###5.Be Kind And Supportive — Criticise Ideas, Not People

At the end of the day, we’re all trying to make the world better for us and for those around us.

"Be nice and supportive" is common sense. Try to criticise objectively and not personally.

###6.Other Bad Behaviour

  • Doxing-Posting or seeking personal information, dox attempts or threats
  • Flooding-Posting excessively frequently
  • Duplicates-Reposting news or information
  • Plagiarism-Not giving credit properly
  • Hyping-Pushing speculative, volatile, illiquid, or meme investments, especially flippantly, tersely, or implying huge returns
  • Missing-Disappearing after posting a discussion, posting for another with inadequate information


We don't allow:

  • Moralizing issues
  • Petitions or calls-to-action
  • Political discussions
  • Political baiting
  • Soapboxing

The most common phrases the members use:

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