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and more!#### Description ##Welcome to /r/SAT! This community aims to promote discussion of the SAT and of various methods to prepare for the exam.



  1. Be nice. Do not ask if your score is "bad," or tell anyone that their score is "bad."
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  1. Do no post, ask for, or direct a person to copyrighted documents such as unreleased SAT pdfs or books available for purchase. (Documents sent to you by CB such as SAS and QAS booklets are allowed). Tests allowed on the sub can be found here. Even referencing the location of any other test may result in a ban without warning, at the discretion of the moderators. No google drive or google doc links. No accounting sharing.
  1. Do not post asking for a prediction of your score. Discussion threads are stickied for every test date. Leave a comment in that particular test thread if you want others to guess your score.
  1. Posts may be removed if they ask a question that is easily answered by Google, the FAQ, or the sidebar.
  1. Your title should be descriptive, informative, and on-topic. If you are asking a question, you should be specific. "How do you get a 1600?", "SAT Math," and "Please help" are not good post titles. One-word titles and titles in all caps are not acceptable either.


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#Prep Materials

Large-scale data analysis of the community including average test and practice test scores, recommended resources, hours studied and improvement, etc.

10 official practice tests + 9 additional real tests from QAS dates. This link contains every SAT practice test that can be found on this subreddit

Khan Academy's SAT page

CollegeBoard's Daily Practice for the New SAT available on the App Store or Google Play


#Upcoming Test Dates

November 6, 2021 Register by Oct 8. Late registration Oct 26

December 4, 2021 Register by Nov 4. Late registration Nov 23

March 12, 2022 Register by Feb 11. Late registration Mar 1

May 7, 2022 Register by Apr 8. Late registration Apr 26

June 12, 2022 Register by May 5. Late registration May 25

Note: If you miss the regular registration deadline, you have approximately 18 additional days to register, but you will be asked to pay a $28 late fee in addition to the registration price. If you miss the late registration deadline, you can still attempt to register. However, the late fee is increased to $46 and you are not guaranteed a seat or test booklet on the day of the exam.


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