Social Engineering


/r/socialengineering is a subreddit dedicated to the art & science of human manipulation & social hacking, as well as public relations at an individual level.

We appreciate any content on social interaction, however occasionally some content requires a basic explanation, as such any links that are posted should be accompanied by a comment with a bit of written context explaining why you think it belongs here.

  • RULES:
  • 1: Be respectful of each other.
  • 2: No malicious attempts at social engineering other members of the community.
  • 3: No nay saying, if you don't like something down vote and move on, unless you have some constructive input.
  • 4: Don't abuse the report system just because you disagree with something.
  • 5: No poaching/recruiting users for off site forums that use a VIP pay wall donation system.
  • 6: No x-posting content to Social justice warrior/white knight subs like SRS to encourage internal down vote brigading.
  • 7: All Staff should be neutral and unbiased, If they personally have an issue with a member of the community it should be taken up with a neutral 3rd party preferably a another moderator where possible.
  • 8: Community moderation is a position of responsibility not power, all moderators will be held accountable for their actions.
  • 9: The point of this sub is learning and while we discuss ethically questionable actions, it is for discussion and learnings sake. Though people are wholly responsible for their own actions, we ask for the sake of staff stress that any legally questionable actions be discussed in the hypothetical.
  • 0: Do NOT post personally-identifiable information at all, including addresses, phone numbers, or credentials such as badges or IDs.
  • freenode: ##SocialEngineering

The most common phrases the members use:

social anxiety
social situations
other people
social situation
other person

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