A home for ideas by people who lack time, money, or skills.

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r/SomebodyMakeThis - the home for ideas by people who lack time, money, or skills.#### Description Posts without a SMT: tag will be deleted. You may repost.

Got an idea for something that would be really damn cool, but don't have the time, money, or skills to pull it off yourself?

Post it here!

Maybe someone else has the resources, but just lacks the idea.

Community: If you implement an idea you found here, please post information about the implementation in the original thread and give credit to the originator of the idea as well as the community.

Gold stars: Gold stars will be given out to posts where an implementation of the idea (either existing or newly developed by the community) is posted. When you notice such a post, please notify the admins as we cannot follow every thread and rely on your help!

Internet Relations (per u/SufficientPie 's suggestion)

r/stealmyidea (now dead) www.halfbakery.com www.shouldexist.org (now dead)

More community: Consider cross-posting the results to http://www.reddit.com/r/somethingimade as well :)

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