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The Wilderness Survival subreddit


r/survival is a forum for sharing and discussion of the topic of wilderness survival and not an authoritative source of information. Your training, preparedness, health, well-being and safety are your own responsibility!

The subscribers, commentators and moderators of r/survival are not responsible in any way for how this information is used nor for any actions based on it that may result in damage to property, injury, sickness or death, accidental or otherwise.

What is Wilderness Survival?

r/survival defines Wilderness Survival as the philosophies, knowledge, techniques, and actions applied in a Wilderness environment, in a short-term survival scenario, which serve to increase the likelihood of survival of the individual or group.

Rules of r/survival:

  • Follow reddiquette. Be nice.

  • Keep all posts on the topic of Wilderness Survival (see definition above). This means no posts about urban survival, bug out, prepping, teotwawki, zombies, collapse, etc.

  • Please use the search feature before posting. Chances are someone has posted about that topic before.

  • No "check out my gear" posts. Posts about gear must contain specific questions, comments, reviews, modifications, or ingenious new uses. Requests for review of kits are accepted but please don't turn this sub into /r/survivalgearporn.

  • No blog spam or blatant advertising-only posts. Please see reddit's self-promotion rules for clarification of what constitutes blog spam.

  • All posts regarding medical topics (first aid kits, medical advice, etc) must have OPs level of medical certification in the post title (abbreviated e.g MD, RN, EMT, etc.) or in the body of the submission. If you aren't certified that's fine, just indicate so in your post. This rule is to ensure OP isn't given advice outside their safe scope of practice.

  • Please do not post dangerous advice. Any comments and advice posted that can have a potential lethal and/or harmful outcome can and will be deleted by the mods with no notice required.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a removal of the offending post. Repeat offenders may find themselves banned from r/survival.

Regarding First Aid/Medicine posts: Medical advice from strangers on the internet is not an authoritative source of information nor does it establish or even imply a patient/caregiver relationship. **Please consult with a licensed physician or otherwise qualified healthcare provider if you require medical advice or treatment.**The subscribers, moderators and commentators of this subreddit are not responsible for any medical advice and the consequences from following it, posted herein. Please make sure to read the disclaimer.

Some useful links:

** Knowledge weighs nothing but if you're looking for gear check out the following:**

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IRC Channel: #innawoods on irc.snoonet.org

If you have any questions, inquiries, or suggestions, feel free to message the mods.

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