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Test My Belief Reddit! TMBR is a place where we can discuss controversial topics freely and explore various ideas and opinions.#### Description Join the Discord chat!

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##"I believe x, TMBR!"

(MUST insert reasoning or argument for belief into post content/body)

1. Post must contain TMBR tag in title.

2. Minimum 200 character submission.

Test My Belief Reddit! is a proving ground for your belief on any matter! This forum allows anyone to openly challenge your belief, reasoning or arguments, or indeed agree with them.

Not following rules may result in warnings, post removal, possible ban.

##In-Sub Functions!

  • Voting: To declare your opinion on the post you may use !AgreeWithOP, !DisagreeWithOP, !ConcurWithOP(Agree with conclusion, but not OP's arguments) or !Undecided in your comment (limited to one per post).

  • Debate threads! Who will win? C-C-ComboBreakers or the Philosophical Raptors? You decide.

  • Get 50+ comments or join us on Discord to earn a team flair!

##Basic rules + Rediquette:

  • Make sure your post provides an in-depth reasoning; an interesting but provocative read. Minimum 200 char.

  • Respect your fellow TMBRers! Insults, personal attacks, or misquoting others is not acceptable.

  • Please do not post identifying/personal information.

  • Posts should match the submission format above. (e.g. include TMBR in title)

  • Downvotes are NOT to be used for disagreement.

  • Top-level comments are for serious replies on-topic. Jokes, etc will be removed from the top-level comments.

  • Include a TL;DR if you have written a wall of text.

  • You may request another user for a source behind their argument! If sources are requested, the original statement (top-level comment) should be sourced first, then so forth in chronological order.

  • Upvote u/MisterBotBot - our resident helpful TMBR bot.

#####Feel free to tag r/TMBR on Reddit where you think other Redditors may appreciate the sub! :) #####Also check out /r/potuswatch for a particular topic-specific neutral moderation!

The most common phrases the members use:

polar bears
free market
better than
loot boxes
multiplayer game

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