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Xin chào! This is the reddit home of the country Vietnam. Post related things, share your story, daily life in Vietnam & feel free to ask the community any questions you may have.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to quickly glance through the rules before posting anything. Your post may get removed for violating them.#### Description

##Posting Guidelines

  • Your post TITLE should be in English. Vietnamese is free to use in the post content & comment section. This is a global subreddit so making your post with an English title can help everyone to quickly find out what it is about. Feel free to use Vietnamese in the content & comment section. If you use Vietnamese in the content, it's best if you can also add a translated version. Please read here for a further explanation of why English is the main language of this sub.
  • Post your general questions in sticky thread for questions. Unless your question's intention is to create a discussion, keep it to the sticky general questions thread. Please don't post your questions outside of this thread as they will be removed.
  • Flair your post. Make sure to flair your post so people can find it easier.
  • Low effort submissions. Off-topic and low effort submissions (memes) will be removed at the moderators' discretion.
  • Be civil. This means no racism/hatemongering/harassment. Seriously we shouldn't have to explain this. It's okay to discuss controversial topics civilly but don't cross the line. Discrimination due to gender, race, national origin, religion, etc. will not be tolerated and is a bannable offense. Also no doxxing please.
  • Posts & comments should be on topic. They should be about news, culture, people, and life in Vietnam. Basically anything Vietnam related. Posts may be removed if linked content is not specifically about Vietnam. Comments also need to stay on topic. For example, don't hijack a highly-upvoted food photo post with unrelated political conversations.
  • This subreddit is meant to be a welcoming place. Try to upvote good content or comments. Tasteless uninformative content will be removed.
  • Avoid posting more than 2 posts per day. No flooding of posts. In order to prevent any user from flooding the subreddit, excessively (more than two in 24 hours) posting is prohibited. Spamming posts that don't provide sufficient and additional information may lead to a 30-day ban to the poster. Posts will be removed at moderator discretion.
  • No spam or self promotion. Including spamming your opinions. Don't do that. Submissions violating the spirit of Reddit's self promotion guidelines will be removed. As a general rule, we usually do not allow travel blogs/vlogs as they are almost always posted in violation of these guidelines.
  • Don't editorialize news posts. When linking to news articles, please use the original title, or a straightforward and accurate one of your own. Editorialized, provocative, inaccurate, sensationalist, and/or misleading titles may result in the removal of the post. If you add an opinion byline, please ensure that it is immediately clear which part is opinion.
  • Don't post content or ask questions about illegal things. Drugs, prostitution, etc., are not allowed.
  • Off topic and low effort submissions (memes) will be removed at the moderators' discretion.
  • Please message us, or better send a direct pm to me if your post or comment doesn't show up.


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##Coming Soon

  • Travel in Vietnam - a FAQ (for now why not try Wikivoyage or /r/travel)

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