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A community for the Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.#### Description A community for the Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

#Posting Rules

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Spoiler Policy

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All posts require a flair.

Post flair can be added/edited after posting. Look for the "flair" link under the text of the post. Posts without a flair, or with an inappropriate flair may be removed without warning.

Please familiarize yourself with our flairs before creating a post. Information on all flairs can be found on our wiki.

All discussion beyond the scope of the post's flair must be hidden behind spoiler tags.

To hide spoilers in the text of a post or comment, enter your text in the following form:

>!Spoilers go here!<

To Get:

!Spoilers go here!<

This format is sensitive to spaces, so be sure to check that your spoilers are properly hidden after posting.

All spoiler tags should indicate what they are spoiling.

The expected format looks like this:

[Books] >!Spoiler about the books!<

At minimum, we expect either a [Books] or [TV] tag. Ideally, you'll be more specific, like so:

[ACoS] >!Spoiler about A Crown of Swords!<

Err on the side of caution if you aren't sure exactly where a spoiler occurs.

Content Policy

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We do not allow low-effort posts. This means no pictures of book covers, no memes, and no posts that don't in some way directly pertain to The Wheel of Time.

Memes and jokes should be posted in /r/WetlanderHumor. (Though, be warned, that subreddit is full of spoilers for the whole series).

See the Low Effort Posts section of the wiki for more details.

Always link to the original content where possible. Do not rehost or hotlink.

Do not provide links to pirated media content.

#Harassment Policy

This rule is a simple expansion on Reddit's site-wide policy on threatening, harassing, and rude behavior.

Derogatory comments, threats, name-calling, racism, and hurtful content will lead to comment removal and bans.

Arguments can and do happen, we just ask everyone to be civil and courteous.

Trolls and users who don't positively contribute to the community (e.g. only commenting to say you hate the series, or the casting, etc.) will be banned.

#Resources and Community Posts

The most common phrases the members use:

star trek
feel like
each other
last book
last battle

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