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Film photography subreddit. Ask anything about analog photography, share photos, discuss techniques, gear or famous photographers.#### Description ##

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###Welcome! A subreddit for lovers of analog photography. Share your film photographs and discuss anything analog!

###Rules - View in more detail

  1. Include the film stock, lens, and camera used in your post title. If you do not know some of the required information, state that in either the title or top-level comment e.g. [Nikon F3, 50mm f/1.8, Unknown Film], or use [Found Film] for auction/thrift store finds, family photos, and so on.

  2. Maximum of three image posts per day. Post an album to share more at once.

  3. No gear/film cache posts

  4. No trading or selling. If you want to do this, please use dedicated communities such as /r/photomarket.

  5. Flair NSFW posts e.g. nudity, gore, sex

  6. Constructive criticism of photos is always welcomed here, but personal attacks, brigading, soap-boxing, disrespectful or marginalising the work or its subject are unacceptable.

6a) Comments complaining about the existence of NSFW posts in a NSFW flaired post are subject to removal, with possible grounds for a ban. This applies to sexualised comments including innuendo. Disable NSFW posts in reddit settings if you do not want them in your feed.

6b) Bullying users by following them around the subreddit and harassing them will get your comment removed with possible grounds for a ban.

  1. No photos that are digital in origin. Post-processing work is perfectly fine; however, extensive manipulation should be disclosed in the comments.

  2. You must own or have license for images you submit. With image(s) you did not personally take, include the source in the topic title, or a comment if too long for a title.

  3. Do not include social media, website, or crowdfunding links in titles or top-level comments. If someone asks for a link then you can respond to that. Please submit promo links to the Self Promotion thread.

  4. Flair your posts when possible e.g. “Critique Wanted” when specifically wanting critique, “Help Wanted” for questions, etc. Personal subreddit flair can be used for instagram handles, flickr links, etc.

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