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Images of space, taken by amateurs.#### Description

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  • I | Real space images only.
  • Astrophotography refers to images of astronomical objects or phenomena exclusively.

  • Images that show objects or people below the Kármán Line (100km) will be removed. (equipment posts are allowed)

  • Images must be an accurate representation of a real astronomical object.

  • See this page for more details

  • II | Original and Amateur Content Only

  • Image posts can only be images that you have captured and processed yourself, or discussion about capturing and/or processing your own images.

  • Images acquired from public sources, professional observatories, or other professional services are not allowed.

  • If you have done a drastic alteration or reprocessing of a prior submission, you may repost your edit - but only after a minimum of one week has passed.

  • III | Post Types

  • Image posts are to link directly to the image, not to landing pages, personal galleries, blogs, or professional sites. Link to these in the comments. (AstroBin and Imgur, are allowed)

  • Questions should be posted to our sister subreddit, /r/AskAstrophotography.

  • Links to blogs, articles or external websites should be interesting and promote discussion about amateur astrophotography.

  • IV | Titles

  • All image posts should include the name of the object being photographed in the title, and it should not be 'clickbaity' or excessive.

  • It should not be a list of your equipment. Posts with titles like these will be removed. If your post is removed, try reposting with a different title.

  • See this page for more details.

  • V | Acquisition and Processing Information

  • All submitted images must include acquisition and processing details as a top-level comment. All posts without this information may be given a warning, and if not updated will be removed.

  • This includes the telescope, mount, camera, accessories, and any other pieces of equipment you used to capture the image.

  • You must also include processing details, i.e. the programs you used and a general rundown of the workflow/processes you used within those programs. “Processed in Photoshop” is not enough.

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Welcome to /r/Astrophotography!

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